Elisabetta’s  F&C Program was nothing short of amazing.

With exceptional, detailed written materials and a teaching methodology designed to boost confidence while speaking, I took the book learning and put it into practice, thanks to the class! It was a huge value. 

During my recent trip to Naples and Ischia I felt comfortable to converse and was able to get around in confidence.

A phenomenon teacher, Elisabetta encourages, reinforces strengths and makes helpful corrections with humor and grace. Essential for anyone who worries about speaking and comprehension in Italian

Jim Howard 


If today I speak with my colleagues and friends in Italian it is only thanks to Elisabetta. There are few professors who manage to teach with a smile and passion. She is among them. As soon as I started the course she asked me what I wanted to enhance and I succeeded in my goals. With perseverance and patience, she taught me how to start a simple conversation and be more confident in my vocabulary. During this session, I was busy with my work but no lessons were missed. Between recorded lessons and homework, you never stop learning! It was a great experience that I highly recommend. I can say that I found a lot of professionalism and dedication in the work that was done. If you want to start an Italian course, ask Elisabetta!

Ashish Bisht


I recently finished the Fluency and Confidence Program with Eli. Because of the program, my confidence level has grown tremendously.   I’ve learned that becoming fluent in a language is not just about understanding and knowing grammar, but being able to utilize that grammar freely.  There’s a flow and an ease that needs to be obtained and the program helped me with that flow.

In fact, in one of our sessions, another student and I started a conversation in Italian which I expected to last no more than 10 minutes.  Through Eli’s encouragement and facilitation, it lasted more than an hour.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was certainly a breakthrough.

I would highly recommend the F&C program and Elisabetta in general as an Italian language coach.  She is thoroughly committed to helping her students, very knowledgeable, speaks Italian beautifully, which makes it easier to comprehend, and seems to really understand that learning a language is as much about confidence and feeling comfortable as it is about knowledge of grammar.

I would certainly sign up for additional classes and continue my learning with Elisabetta.

Joseph Simone


I would recommend the Fluency and Confidence Programme I did with Eli. Although I have been an Italian language learner for many years,  I felt that  I  hadn’t moved beyond a certain level in my speaking or listening in Italian freely enough to feel confident in different situations.

Eli gave me the confidence to feel sure of myself and I would highly recommend her as a language coach. This was the boost I really needed. She has an easy manner in her teaching which allows you to feel relaxed which encourages you to keep trying to express yourself.

The course had a good combination of instruction, lots of speaking, reading, and roleplay interaction with the other students who now along with Eli I would consider friends. Me on Facebook, who would’ve thought it! By immersing myself further in a more structured daily routine which Eli continued to promote I definitely will continue to follow my Italian language dream. Even after eight weeks, I feel my listening ability has changed for the better. Thanks Eli!

Steve Lloyd 

(South Wales U.K)

I would recommend the F&C Italian Program. The reason is simple: I have significantly improved my Italian within a short period of time! Elisabetta approached each participant individually and was always very well prepared. The aim was to be secure and flexible in everyday conversations.

Dirk Bringezu 


Elisabetta is one of the best language teachers I have ever had. She is really patient and knows how to completely understand student minds, from beginners to advanced level. Besides, thanks to her high level knowledge of Spanish, it helped me to be able to avoid the typical mistakes that Spanish speakers make when learning Italian. I would have never achieved my current Italian language level without her.

Laura Parellada 


After days of frantic research, I met Elisabetta and the Eli Method thanks to the videos on You Tube. My goal was to help one of our EO Ethics Office students who came to Italy to study and to learn the Italian language.

Arlene Mejes Sigua is of Filippino origin where she lives with her family and speaks English. My concern was to get her to relate to an Italian language coach who could help a girl who spoke only English to learn Italian.

With Eli we solved the problem, I immediately requested a training proposal that we received quickly. A proposal drawn up with marked professionalism.We started the 20 sessions immediately, I listened to them and enjoyed them all as an external auditor on the platform of Zoom.

The last session ended last Saturday, unfortunately due to huge commitments with regret we cannot continue with a higher level yet, but we plan to carry this out after the Christmas holidays.

The professors of Arlene’s School were amazed that in 3 months she made this progress, I was amazed too. Professionalism, dedication, friendliness are a harmony that we have enjoyed together. Thank you Eli!

Luigi Catellani 


A few weeks after my arrival in Italy, I started my Italian lessons with Elisabetta who is very responsible, passionate, and enthusiastic in teaching. She sends emails to remind us to do the homework and watching some useful videos on her Youtube channel. Furthermore, she also answers our questions readily and checks our pronunciation carefully to ensure that the answers are as accurate as possible. Moreover, she cares for her students and will ask what happened to them when the students did not appear for classes. The biggest gift she gave me was the confidence to start speaking in Italian.

In summary, I can declare that she is an excellent tutor who goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class, and also, she sends the material for the next session in order to make sure the students can get ready for the upcoming lesson. She never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to her students and treats us all equally. Her enthusiasm has definitely affected her students and they became more attentive and active in class. I literally look forward to contributing more and learning more under her guidance.

Farhad Farajimoghadam 


I have been studying Italian with Elisabetta for 5 months and I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve big results in a relatively short period of time. Her sessions have been tailor-made to my wishes and needs and I receive 100% attention from her during our 1-to-1 course. She is an extremely committed, highly motivated and professional language coach who has been doing her utmost to polish my Italian language skills with much success. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time on learning new Italian words and grammar with her. She always goes the extra mile for the sessions as well as for me as her professional client. She has definitely given me the confidence I needed to start using this beautiful language. Her tips on brain connections and neuroplasticity encouraged me not to give up learning when it became a challenge. After the sessions I have used her fantastic YouTube videos to consolidate and reinforce what we learnt together. This has been an extra service for her to create a flow in my learning process.  All in all, she is a wonderful professional coach who makes your Italian language journey unforgettable.  Go for it!

Monika Brabers 


I had the opportunity to attend Elisabetta’s Italian lessons for about 6 months and it was a wonderful experience for me. I started her courses when I almost didn’t know any Italian and it was really difficult for me to communicate in Italian society. Attending Italian courses with Elisabetta gave me enough confidence in order to use Italian in my routine daily conversation and even in my workplace. Her ability of connecting with her students and supporting them is exemplary. She teaches easy concepts as well as more advanced topics in a simple and understandable way specially to the students who are not familiar with Italian language at all. She tries to develop all your language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) and asks if you have any priorities for learning each of the skills. Overall, she is a professional, creative and up to date teacher, which makes her an ideal leader. Moreover, her courses were really fascinating and we had lots of fun together!

Meshkini Khatereh


In the beginning, every time people spoke Italian around me, I couldn’t understand a word. A couple of months in, I was able to express my thoughts and communicate with native speakers. Elisabetta explained to me everything in a very easy manner, every session was a lot of fun and I learned a lot!

Iliyas Zhanatuly 


I had the chance to start learning Italian with Elisabetta thanks to FBK and I regret not having more time with her. She is shiny and supportive whatever she has to go through, she is really patient even when we do same mistakes over and over again, and it is really funny to learn with her. Not every teacher will care about you like she does. She is not only a great teacher but also a good friend. Before I met her, I was afraid to speak, I couldn’t say one word in Italian, thanks to her, I am not afraid anymore.

Inci Rüya Temel 


I have been doing courses with Elisabetta for over a year now and she has helped me to put together all the sparse knowledge I had in Italian till that moment. Since the first lessons I noticed a large step forward in the way I was expressing myself in Italian, and everything in my head started making sense. Together we managed to arrive to an advanced level and already few months later I felt confident enough to even use Italian in professional meetings on a daily basis. Being also a Spanish speaker, I faced difficulties distinguishing the two languages and she helped me overcome this problem as she is experienced also in this field. She always has interesting material to provide, dealing often with entertaining cultural topics, never lacks motivation and good mood. She is also very well organized and explains all possible grammar details in a clear and easy to remember way!

Ellie Stathopoulou 


Elisabetta Maccani held a 20-hour Italian course for me and my collegues with little prior knowledge of the language. The course took place during the COVID restrictions, so all of the activities were done online. Although the restrictions limit the efficiency of learning, I must say that Elisabetta is very well prepared and organized for online teaching. She is energetic and also a lot of fun during discussions, which helps especially us at the beginner stage to be more active and comfortable during the lessons. Elisabetta also speaks perfect English (and also Spanish) which is great for the more in depth questions about the Italian grammar and language itself. I can recommend her as a five star teacher with a great online presence, which is especially important if face to face lessons are not possible

Anže Sitar 


As a keen language lover and experienced business English teacher,  I was keen on starting to learn Italian, too. I started to learn with Elisabetta and discovered a whole new world within literally 40 minutes of our first learning session. At the end of the session I was able to introduce myself, my job, and my family. I learnt numbers and basic conversational phrases, and felt that I could actually have a basic conversation with real people, Elisabetta’s language coaching style is really engaging and interactive. She is also very creative and very skilled at using online teaching tools. She has kept my brain calm and ready to soak in whatever language-learning goals we decided to achieve together.

Jasmina Radivojsa 


I have studied Italian with Elisabetta for around three months,  I remembered that in our first class she asked me in which condition I had to speak Italian. Then she found a lot of materials from books, magazines or online videos to adjust our requirements. It proves that what we have learned in class is very useful during our life and work in Italy. She also taught us grammar, which is helpful to further learn Italian. She is very patient, when I could’t understand something, she explained it again and again in Italian or English until I got it. She is so professional and so kind, I highly recommend her as an Italian teacher!

Zhifu Feng 


My name is Omid and I am Iranian, I have been in Italy for 4 years. The first year it was difficult to learn the Italian language, but the second one I had the great fortune of finding a way to learn the Italian language, thanks to Professor Elisabetta Maccani. I remember that from the first days she pushed me to commit myself. Whenever I had a question, she explained things very willingly, without getting impatient or angry. Let me point out that for those like me who come from the East, learning Italian is very difficult, since we do not speak either English or French. And here the alphabet is completely different! If I now know Italian, I have a safe job and I have friends, I owe it to Elisabetta and her job as a teacher of Italian for foreigners. I have always said and will always say that I will always be grateful for what she has done for me. If you want to learn Italian, trust her: she knows what she has to do and you will make progress immediately. I apologize for the length of this review but, believe me, I could talk about Elizabeth until tomorrow!

(Translated from Italian language)

Omid Ghasemi 


I would recommend Fluency & Confidence Italian Program without any hesitation! I have studied Italian for almost three years. I have studied grammar, read stories, and participated in all kinds of courses to increase my listening and off-the-cuff speaking skills. But I never felt at all comfortable in the everyday situations encountered while out-and-about in Italy. Where’s the best place to buy prosciutto? What is an etto? How do I address someone formally? How do I ask for and understand directions?  What kind of train ticket should I buy and how do I buy it? What are the size conversions for clothes and shoes? How do Italians really speak to each other in all these situations, compared to what we learn in books? F&C provided me the focus and the tools I needed to become comfortable in these situations.

I was used to practicing every day, but F&C provided me the focus I was missing with respect to WHAT to study. Having specific topics AND being accountable to the group (in the sense of wanting to be a constructive participant) has been enormously helpful.

It’s funny, but now when I’m walking somewhere, I think in Italian directions! Or in the grocery store, the phrases we have learned are easy to revisit. These are just a few examples, but they’re a wonderful indication that I AM learning the situational vocabulary I so badly wanted to learn.

The simulations, in challenging us to use the vocabulary and concepts presented, helped us to learn and to become more comfortable speaking in everyday situations while providing Eli the opportunity to point out any nuances we missed in our conversations. They also made us think on our feet, which is exactly what we would be doing when traveling in Italy.

If you are on the fence about signing up for Eli’s F&C Program, my parting advice is to stop thinking and get on board. Nervous? I was too. But learning a language really does require stepping outside your comfort zone, and Eli’s “space” is a safe one in which your knowledge of Italian will grow exponentially, and with it, your confidence. As an added bonus, you’ll make some great new friends along the way!

Stacy Fischer 


The results of this program have exceeded my expectations in every way. I have overcome my fears and now have the ability to express myself without overthinking. My focus is on the Italian language, without the need for prior translations in my mind. The program has provided valuable assistance in solving any questions I had and in understanding the differences between spoken and taught language.

I am grateful and fortunate to have enrolled in this program and to have worked with Elisabetta. She is an exceptional person, highly dedicated to her job, a true professional with extensive experience, and always willing to help others.

I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to understand the Italian language, overcome any hesitations or fears, speak fluently, and connect with the Italian way of thinking, culture, and civilization.

Peggy Vassiliou  



Elisabetta is a passionate and caring teacher. She thoughtfully designed a program that goes beyond typical grammar lessons to teach all aspects of Italian culture. The weekly practice sessions were a highlight for me and I enjoyed them immensely. Elisabetta prepared meaningful role-playing activities and also tailored lessons that allowed us to also explore topics that interested us. I even made meaningful friendships with people across the globe!

Elisabetta has a passion for languages and teaching that shines in her lessons. I highly recommend working with her to gain fluency in Italian.

Emily Fedele 


I have just finished my third set of courses with Elisabetta. Quite simply this is the best language training that I have ever received in any language. The course was online, but the experience was the same as being face-face. 
She is always professional and methodical. The prepared material is very clear and helpful. And the method she adopts helps to be able to understand and to apply what is learnt immediately. 
There is also the Youtube channel, similarly excellent, in "bitesize" 10 minute pieces to reinforce what you have just learnt. 
Thoroughly recommend her. 

Richard Hall-Wilton


I am happy and proud to have completed the course "Italian Confidence Program". My aim was to polish my spoken italian skills just in time for an upcoming holiday in Limone sul Garda. I purchased the course with live zoom calls that accompany the different modules. Not only got I to level up my language skills, but I learned SO many practical things, facts and figures about Italy, lifestyle, music, food, fashion and culture! Now I am able to start a conversation and share thoughts and ideas on many topics, which I already put into practice while on my vacation in Italy. The sections  "expanding the knowledge" of each module of the course are so vast that I can and will go back to them to still learn more. The zoom calls with Elisabetta were extremely helpful! With a lot of patience and fun she helped me develop the "real" spoken italian. Each session was recorded and sent to my inbox for reviewing as often as I wish. Grazie mille, Elisabetta! 

Helga Noah