A lifelong learner, a bellezza lover and a strong believer in people’s potential, dedicated to helping you become the Italian speaker you dream to be.

Since I was very young, my desire was to pass on what I knew to others. I spent the afternoons of my childhood telling my sister Mara what I learned at school in the morning. Mara, who is from birth unable to speak, listened to me with her beautiful wide eyes opened emitting strange sounds that often seemed incomprehensible to others. For me, however, they weren’t. Although she could not articulate words, I found a way to communicate with her. Even only with the eyes. A quick glance and everything was clear. If I think back to my childhood and how I spent time with my sister, I see a common thread that led me to where I am today. After all, my job is to explain what I know to others, to speak so as to convey my message clearly, to understand those who express themselves differently. The ability to make others understand and make myself understood, it must have been shaped during my childhood. I am glad about it because this is what comes most naturally to me. And this is what I love the most.

My beloved sister Mara passed away on December 30, 2020. Everything she taught me with her immense joy of living will always remain with me. Thanks to her I have chosen to dedicate my life to teaching and for this, I will always be grateful.